There Are The 3 Translation Apps You Need in 2019

Learning a new language is difficult but not impossible. But there are times when you quickly need to translate something, such as when you’re on a foreign business trip. In these cases, it’s best to have a translation app in hand. Check out our top pick below.

1) Google Translate

We’re starting off with arguably the most popular translation app in the world. Google’s app is free yet comprehensive. If you want to say something in a different language, just type it first in your own language. Next, choose among 103 languages and get the results within seconds.

What’s even better about Google Translate is that you can use it even if you’re not online. You can still check out nearly 60 languages in offline mode. And if there’s a sign or pamphlet you’re having trouble reading, you can use your camera and have the app translate the text in the image.

Moreover, you can lessen confusion when conversing with a foreigner. Simply turn on Google Translate and let the software translate what they’re saying. Then, you can respond through having the app translate what you want to say as well.

If you prefer using any translation app online all the time, you should have cybersecurity measures. Knowing how to setup a VPN network on Android or iPhone device keeps all your data protected — ensuring that your translation needs aren’t affected right when you need the most.

2) SayHi Translate

Another great app to have when you’re talking to people of different languages is SayHi Translate. The translation appears in an instant — and the app even has dialect support. This means that you can discern the differences between Arabic as practiced in Bahrain and then in Yemen.

SayHi Translate currently translates more than 40 languages such as Danish, Estonian, Romanian, and Spanish. Moreover, the user interface looks sleek and it’s easy to utilize the app’s many features. For example, you can just hold the mic button if you want to use a keyboard.

3) Naver Papago Translate

This app only supports 13 languages such as Korean and Indonesian, but it’s still worth considering. For one, you can translate both voices and text in real-time. You can have entire conversations with a foreigner and not have to pause just to Google what they’re saying. And if you want more clarification, the app comes with a dictionary. Its offline mode even has a collection of common expressions to learn.

With these apps, you’ll no longer have to worry about your next overseas trip. You can always master the language through courses, but these will serve you well for the meantime.