Partner 1 – Skills CfA, Great Britain

cfa_skills_bigSkills CFA is a registered charity promoting skills and qualifications in the workplace. Since 1996 we have successfully developed standards, apprenticeships and training programmes across the UK for a whole range of business skills.

We are the leading cross-sector authority and provide apprenticeship frameworks to 11 million employees across all sectors of the UK. Our apprenticeship frameworks provide on-the-job training coupled with structured, individual technical learning programmes which then lead on to nationally recognised qualifications.

We develop national occupational standards (NOS) and qualifications which provide businesses with the tools to train their workforce providing them with additional, valuable skills. NOS help define the level of performance that individuals are required to achieve when carrying out specific functions in the workplace. We also ensure that employees are grounded in a proper knowledge and understanding of the tasks at hand. NOS promote industry best practice and have been developed by experts covering all industry sectors.

We undertake independent research providing insight into the latest thinking, trends and challenges facing the occupations we represent. We also offer a wide range of specialistconsultancy services to international clients and EU funded project which includes:

  • the development of competency frameworks
  • functional analysis
  • the development of training packages and training needs analysis
  • endorsing training programmes
  • research – LMI, feasibility studies, independent evaluations
  • international benchmarking and mapping
  • qualification development