Partner 3 – Pedagogical University of Cracow (UP), Poland

krakow_bigThe Pedagogical University of Cracow (in Polish: Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny – UP) (http://www.up.krakow.pl), with its years of contribution to the Polish system of education and science, is the oldest pedagogical school of higher education in Poland. It enjoys great prestige and respect due to the fact that its process of educating students has been constantly modernized and adjusted to the demands of the modern world. A highly-qualified academic staff, didactic facilities, laboratories, and an astronomical observatory guarantee the highest standards of education. The University has over 70 000 graduates and over 20 000 students currently enrolled in 80 specializations in 27 different courses of study. The Pedagogical University of Cracow enables its students to receive a thorough education, and develop their passions and interests through participation in various organizations, student associations and sports clubs.

Within its structure there are six faculties: the Humanities, Modern Languages, Pedagogy, Geography and Biology, Sciences and Arts and it offers a wide variety of learning programmes from undergraduate (B.A.) to graduate (M.A. and doctoral) levels.

Bearing in mind that teacher training in Poland is in constant transition, the University, from its very beginning, has been vividly participating in the process of reforming and reshaping the national educational system. It is well known for its commitment to innovation in training and teaching. Its aim is to deliver excellent teaching and research in context of continuing development within an organization, which is effective, efficient and accountable. As an autonomous school of higher education with full academic qualifications, its system of education fulfills European Union standards. In 2001, the European Credit Transfer System was introduced, which has enabled students to study simultaneously in Poland and abroad. Nowadays, at the time of the reshaping of Europe, the University more than ever puts a great emphasis on the cooperation with partners from all over the world. International cooperation involves joined scientific research, the organization of international conferences and workshops, as well as the exchange of experiences and publications.

Details of courses on which EGPS will be available

The Faculty of Modern Languages with its 3500 students offers translation specialization at M.A. level in four language combinations (English – Polish, German – Polish, French – Polish and Russian – Polish); and additionally Italian and Spanish at B.A. levels. Student internships are incorporated as curricular requirement; hence EGPS will be a valuable placement offer for all volunteering students at the Faculty.

Project participants at UP

Ewelina Kwiatek
Agata Małozięć
Maria Piotrowska (coordinator)
Emanuel Studnicki
Anna Ścibior-Gajewska
Monika Zabrocka-Śliwka