Partner 5 – Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), Germany

mainz_bigThe School of Translation and Interpretation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the University of Mainz, currently the fifth largest university in Germany, is the largest training centre for translators and interpreters worldwide . It offers 12 languages to 2,200 students, including about 1,000 foreign students from more than 80 countries. It has more than 100 partner universities all over the world. As many of the students come from abroad, learning takes place in a very international atmosphere. The School is characterised by its diversity of languages and cultures. At the moment, twelve languages as well as five complementary subjects can be studied at the School. The FTSK is a dynamic educational centre that combines traditional fields of study with innovative ideas and practice-oriented, independent work. It offers a large variety of courses and the opportunity to focus on various sub-fields. Further key characteristics are the School’s international orientation and the personal atmosphere thanks to the manageable size of the institution. Because of its international orientation and because it offers a large number of sub-fields and extra subjects, the School is becoming of the world’s leading institutions for university research and teaching in the field of translation studies. The fact that our staff includes a large number of native speakers of the many languages taught here also contributes to the School’s international orientation. When it comes to research at the FTSK, it is considered particularly important to promote both field-specific and interdisciplinary projects. In this regard, a primary focus is on inter-university and international cooperation. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting junior academic staff in obtaining doctorate and habilitation (second book) qualifications.

Details of courses on which EGPS will be available

Internships within the EGPS can be integrated into all of the academic programmes offered by the FTSK, although the Masters programme in Translation with a focus on specialised translation will initially be the main programme associated with the EGPS. In terms of Internships, the FTSK will offer graduate placements with international companies like SAP, Daimler and the German division of SDL.