Project Description

EGPS – project description

Introduction to EGPS

The European Graduate Placement Scheme (EGPS) aims to improve the employability of Masters in Translation graduates. The European Commission (Erasmus) funded five partners to develop the scheme over 30 months:

  • SkillsCFA, London (co-ordinating partner)
  • University of Salford
  • Pedagogical University of Cracow
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • FTSK Mainz

The scheme is now up and running and growing; around 30 more universities and 60 employers have joined the scheme.

The EGPS approach

The EGPS approach is holistic and flexible, providing models which may be adapted to suit the needs of individual institutions. The project includes:

  • a curriculum model for Masters in Translation programmes which supports the acquisition of a wide range of employability skills through authentic tasks, mirroring industry practices
  • a framework for practical work placements embedded within translation courses, enabling the student to gain real life experience of the profession. 

This includes

  • occupational standards for European translation students on work placement, facilitating assessment and accreditation
  • placement handbooks in the main languages of the partnership countries containing guidance for the HEI, the employer/mentor and the student
  • a student portfolio including a reflective journal enabling mentors and HEI tutors to assess and assign credit for the work placement
  • a searchable database of employers offering placements.
  • partnerships between HE institutions and employers.

By the end of their programmes, Masters graduates will have been able to put theory into practice in the classroom, then the workplace. Having experienced a commercial environment – abroad where possible – they will find it easier to find work in other countries as well as their own, and they will have developed the professional, social, intercultural and linguistic skills they need. They may even be hired by the company hosting their internship.