EGPS Handbook

EGPS Handbook was developed in order to provide a comprehensive view on the project basic assumptions and goals. The handbook has an embedded monitoring system – each placement student will complete a reflective journal and portfolio. The portfolio will enable the HE institution to adapt their programme of study so that the work placement contributes credits towards the university course.

The project would aim for a placement of between 3-6 months, depending on the structure of host courses, the experience of the HE institutions and evidence gained from existing networks. Not all courses include applied translation and some are more theoretical. Embedding a practical work placement within each course enables the student to gain real life experience of the profession. It also gives them experience of a commercial environment in another European nation, increasing their mobility prospects. Organisations and companies benefit by obtaining a native speaker for a period of time to help their business and are able to use the placement as an extended interview. Internally, their employees’ professional development is enhanced by mentoring activities. Universities involved benefit by improving the performance of their students and by offering a syllabus which incorporates practical work experience, enhancing their students’ prospects in the international job market.

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